A Riot of Robins

A riot of Robins

Couldn’t wait to share our 2014 Christmas card creation. Seems strange sitting here on this balmy Sunday in October to be thinking of Christmas but thats the way things happen with us. Riffling around in the cupboard lookig for paper to draw on Wee Beastie Boy found a page from an old book with a robin on it. We are into birds at the moment since seeing the Curlew nesting near the toilet blocks last time we went camping on Stradbroke Island.

Christmas Robin Inspiration

“Oooh!” I said, walking past and spying the robin drawing nesting amongst pictures of battles, and monsters and 3 pronged swords, “that looks like a Christmas Robin!”

Original Robin

Into kitchen for baking paper which we use as tracing paper..

Traced Robin

Found a snippet of lino block just the right size…

Robin Lino block

Had to work out which bits to carve out and which to leave. Knew the breast had to be red but as that was the only red bit decided to paint it out and would try another media to add the red. Maybe crayon or watercolour? Mixed up some brown for the rest of the Robin which would be printed with the lino…came out baby pooh brown first so had to add some black.

Rough Robin

Printed some rough Robins, only had to fix up a few high gouges on the breast and off we went printing our Riot of Robins. Then experimented with the red breast. All too wishy washy..had to be a bright stong red to lift the brown so we set too with fine paintprushes and a nice bright acrylic!

Ready Robin

Realised after we had done about 20 that there is something a little strange about the head…looks like there should be two eyes? So a quick gouge on the lino and we redesigned our robin. More printing tomorrow!

Redesigned Robin

This fine fellow also looks a little different because we put the lino down on the table, face up, and put the card on top and rolled gently. Normally we put the card on the table and then print the lino image down and roll.

Will put a couple of the new improved Rioting Robin’s for sale on Wee Beastie Boy’s Junior Madeit store.

Lucy x

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