How we made a Chinese New Year Dragon Art

dragon head

Don’t be afraid, he’s very friendly and an excellent activity for a group project as each child decorates a paper plate scale to make up the body.

The beginning of 2014 was so busy for us that we ended up making this to celebrate the Dragon Boat races at the end of the year instead of Chinese New Year 20-22 Feb. He is a very versatile fellow!

I made the head using a couple of paper plates, pom poms, red poster paint, red wool, cupcake cases, googlie eyes and pipe cleaners. In other words things that were to hand!

Each child was given a plate with their name on it, to paint red on both sides.

I had mixed some glue into the paint so that we could stick things onto it. I also always mix in dishwashing liquid to help with washing hands, clothes, pots etc.

With the painted plate in hand the children moved onto the next station where they could sprinkle gold glitter onto the still wet paint.

The next station had pre cut gold paper, red crepe paper streamers and yellow cellophane strips for the children to glue around the edge.

They then pegged the decorated plate up to dry.

I clipped a hole in the top of the head and threaded some string through and tied it up with plenty left to fix it up to the ceiling. When the scales were dry I clipped the hole in each one and added them to the string until he was an impressive size. I did this with both groups of 22 children so there are 44 scales in this mighty beast. He was finished off with some red crepe paper streamers for his tail.

He was a very dramatic addition to our room. He moved gently with the flow of the children and occasionally showered us with glitter. We could all do with more glitter in our life!

dragon side onDragon 1

Here is some info on the 2015 Chinese New Year Celebrations in Brisbane.

Chinese New Year Brisbane

Happy celebrations for whatever reason!


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