Montessori inspired Bird watercolour study


Bird outline JPG Bird outline PDF

A simple Spring activity or anytime the birds have caught your children’s attention!

The children were given a watercolour demonstration as a group and then we had watercolours as a supervised outside art activity for a few sessions to ensure that they were adept.

Show the children how you wet the paintbrush in the small jar then wet the top of the watercolour paint block.

Wipe the paintbrush on the edge of the water jar. If the brush is too wet the paper may ‘ball’ or tear.

However the amount of water affects the strength of the colour so encourage them to experiment with this.

When the the child is familiar with watercolours you will be able to put this out as an activity for them to choose in the morning work cycle.

The simple round palates with a few colours are ideal for this independent work and while the children are learning to dip and clean their brush before they move onto the next colour. When they have mastered this you may like to introduce a wider range of colours.

I also added a tray with a nest found on the ground in the park and some feathers and a few photos of birds.


This activity can be in use all year, always with an option of blank paper, but change the simple  optional outline to follow the interests of the children and what is happening in the community and the wider environment. For exampIe a simple Christmas tree design that they could fold and make into Christmas cards.

Enjoy observing the children and following their interests with this activity. Before you know it they will all be collecting feathers and bringing them in to show and share. This can lead onto learning about life cycles, discovering and naming eggs and all the colours and sizes that come in, habitats, environment, where different birds live in the world….you are only limited by your imagination which if you are anything like me is no limit at all!

Enjoy the possibilities,



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