Battle of Bannockburn inspired life sized warrior collage

On a cold and misty morning in Scotland our clan marched through to the Battle of Bannockburn where we fought bravely and feasted merrily afterwards!

Knight in the mistMatthew v Robert the Bruce

Have a look at the visitor centre Battle of Bannockburn.

Matthew the swordsmanMatthew the knight

Amongst the helmets, chainmail and swords were these amazing artworks done with the local community as art therapy.

Collage pikemanCollage axe manCollage green knightCollage king

They captured my imagination and back home again in the dwindling days of the school holidays I took the first bold step towards attempting one myself! Cant wait until tomorrow morning…..

1. Step one – source a roll of paper or paper at least the size of your body. I found a roll of brown paper at Officeworks for about AU$15.

2. Find a body to lie on the paper and trace around it. You might like to move the body into a battle position for effect!

3. Move the body off the paper and then draw in battle accessories such as helmet and sword and some clothing such as boots and cloaks or a kilt! You might like to do some research to be historically correct or just go with your creativity.

4. Gather paper, fabric, ribbon, buttons and interesting bits and bobs to make up your collage material.

5. To plan or free form? You could follow a sketch or a photo or just be inspired by your material. Pick pieces out and lay them on the drawing until you are happy.

6. Glue them into place. I’m doing this with my constantly moving 8 year old so I’m planning to use gluesticks….nothing to tip over!

I’ll show you the results tomorrow…….


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