How we made a life sized warrior collage 2

It’s raining….we get to stay indoors! Which is a perfect chance to begin the project I mentioned in my blog yesterday How to make a life sized warrior collage

It's raining

Having recently been to Scotland and visited the wonderful Battle of Bannockburn visitor centre we didn’t really need to do much research but this book and various other treasures is keeping us on track…well as much as we want to be kept on track! The History of Scotland for Children by Fiona MacDonald.

History of Scotland for Children book

After charging around the house with the new bazooka…sorry new roll of brown paper, we lay it down on the floor and then dragged on a body we found on the battlefield to cut it to size and then drew around the body….improvising any missing limbs etc. I couldn’t add any photos here because the body I used was in it’s usual state of dress….undressed!

Then we drew on accessories and began picking out paper and other collage materials that could work…shiny for the chain mail, swords etc, textured for the clothing, boots, belts.

Adding detail and selecting materials   Materials for collage

Then we lay out some pieces where we thought they should go and started cutting and sticking. I don’t know if it was for tactical reasons in case the enemy should attack or if we are just attracted to shiny things but the chainmail was the first to go on.


Followed by the kilt………..


I think we have run out of steam for today. The bongo drums have been found and we need to clear some space for leaping about to dissipate the energy built up from being inside for a couple of hours. I wonder if Robert the Bruce had this to deal with? I know the rain certainly worked in his favour making the ground so boggy the English horsemen all got bogged and massacred. 😦

Flora MacDonald tells us that Robert the Bruce was inspired to keep fighting by watching spiders spin their webs….magical creatures in so many ways.

Robert the Bruce and the spider

More of our Scottish warrior soon….the bongo drums are calling!


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