Scottish warrior’s new champion

Knight and mackerelKnigh up close

How to make a life sized warrior collage

There has been some progress on our brave warrior but now I’m getting twitchy because it’s the last day of the summer holidays and there is still a lot to do before he is finished. Also he looks more like a young girl than a fierce warrior! I’m looking at him/her every time I pass (it’s big and by the door to our main living area, so that’s constantly) I’m also looking at our walls to see where it will go. I’m wondering if I just sit down and finish it or if I wait for another time when WeeBeastieBoy and I can do it together. I’ve got a bit of a thing about completion so I want it off the floor and ticked off the list but maybe this is one of those times when it’s OK to carefully roll it up and put it away for another time? I think so. If I do that I will have to put down another (smaller) piece of brown paper for Mackerel as she loves it! She is 16+ years old and I haven’t seen her ‘playing’ for years but last night she was having some fun with the wings on the helmet. Maybe Mackerel picked up on our excitement as we leapt around like crazies, cheering on Kyrgios and then Murray to victory at the Australian Open last night. Can’t wait until they play each other…Now that will be a battle between two warrior knights! I’ll be cheering for our Aussie Kyrgios and Super Sporty Dad will be cheering for Scotland’s Murray….I wonder who WeeBeastieBoy will choose to support….he will certainly enjoy the leaping around with excitement! Just talked to Granny Jane (Mum) on the phone. WeeBeastieBoy stayed over with her last night so she is bringing him back and coming for lunch so we are going to do some collage with her and then put our mighty warrior carefully away for another day. Happy with that! Lucy 🙂

ps Here is an update with Granny Jane’s boot!

knight with boots


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