How to make Something from Nothing, our ReverseGarbage inspiration

Reverse Garbage Fido

In the September school holidays we made our usual pilgrimage to Reverse Garbage

In the 4th term the Kindy children are ready to try woodwork and my WeeBeastieBoy is ready for anything! We set off ready to see what treasures and inspiration we could find in the huge shed that is ReverseGarbage. A lot of the things are the same each time like plastic strips with holes in them, silver metallic sticky dots, rubber circles, paper, cardboard, rope, material, leather offcuts and glue. There are also lots of used trophies and casts of teeth!! (WeeBeastieBoy actually bought some for his terradonkyl but ended up using nails). Then there are one off treasures like furniture, books, brass hinges and lovely old cotton reels.

They have school holiday programs but we like to shop and take our treasures home to create. It’s a great place for us as my WeeBeastieBoy can touch and feel to his hearts content…so many different textures. The rummaging is very much part of the experience for us and we could spend a couple of hours there and take home a box of stuff we have big plans for and that box might sit and wait under the house for us for a week or two before WeeBeastieBoy needs a hammering or sawing session to ‘reset’ himself.

This time we went with a shopping list for my work at a Montessori Kindy. We needed wood off-cuts for hammering together and things onto and ceramic tiles for shell mosaics for Father’s Day paper weights. We found what we wanted. Some of the off-cuts were pretty crazy shapes and we started imagining what they could be if let loose…..

We found this lovely inspiration

And so the creatures emerged….meet the terradonkyl He has hinges to lift his wings and open his jaw.

terradactylTerradactyl dinner time

This is some wire as we brought it home from ReverseGarbage. With a few tweaks it is a butterfly decoration for cards, walls, pin board or even a broach.

wirewire butterfly

I have also sourced lino for lino printing…..

Robin Lino block

and material to make this dragon pillow…the holes were already in the yellow felt so you could say I was inspired by nothing!

RG Dragon Pillow

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