Montessori inspired Frangipani appreciation activity with free template


The frangipani flowers are carpeting the ground and I think the leaves will be soon to follow so its a great time to collect the flowers and do some drawing and painting


I left this set up on the table so that it might catch the eye of WeeBeastieBoy as he went flying past….and it did!


You need one or more watercolour blocks. I start with just one colour for beginners until they learn to wash their brush between colours.

A blank piece of paper or some simple flower outlines.

A brush and some water.

A flower to study.


Here are some we painted and then cut out.

frangipani (2)

We made a simple Easter bonnet by pasting the cut out frangipani onto a strip of card then joining the ends to make a crown.


Then we went for a walk to admire the colours of the different frangipani and to appreciate the fragrance. WeeBeastieBoy stopped to draw the flowers and then began noticing that they all had 5 petals and then we looked at other flowers and how many petals they had. We learnt that many flowers have 5 petals!




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