How to make a Rabbit for Mirabel Bun-anza

After a disastrous attempt at knitting a bunny (which I’ve done before but I think I was able to sit still for longer then and I think the wool I used was a better match for the size of the needles….excuses? Yes … probably. Knitting is now scored of my ‘I can’ list!).

I’ll start again….after an unsuccessful attempt at knitting a bunny I have just successfully completed sewing bunny. Actually I think he is more a rabbit than a bunny.


I have made him from the fresh parts of a good quality suit shirt and I think he looks pretty smart himself! I hope the child who received him thinks so too. I have made him for MeetMeAtMikes

He is all ready to be posted but I am waiting for something else I have ordered to go in the parcel.

I’m just a teeny bit excited as I have made a book and it’s been printed and it’s winging its way to me now as we speak, 5 copies in fact. One to go in with the rabbit.

It’s called The First Easter Bunny and you can have a look at it on   The First Easter Bunny

Here are some photos of Mr Rabbit in progress. I had forgotten how fiddly he was to make but it’s a great cause.

rabbit2 rabbit3 rabbit4  rabbit6  rabbit8 bunnies copy 2


One thought on “How to make a Rabbit for Mirabel Bun-anza

  1. Mr. Rabbit looks very dignified, Lucy. I think he must be a friend of Peter Rabbit! I hope that I’ll have time to make a simple bunny for the Mirabel-bun-anza that I’ve just read all about from the link you provided. I have a stash of fabric and a newly-mended sewing machine to play around with.

    Your book is just gorgeous too, Lucy. How clever those lino cuts are…how clever you are!



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