Clay Play : The beginning

Some friends are coming over to play. The boys can get pretty fired up with Sensory overload and general boisterous excitement so I wanted to get them something they could get their hands onto and use up some of that energy constructively! Clay!

So off WeeBeastieBoy and I went to Pottery Supplies in Milton Pottery Supplies Milton.

We came back with some lovely pale clay and a few basic tools.



clay1 (2)


The first step was to take some lumps off the clay block and knock all of the air bubbles out of them. Perfect start for these boys!

We threw the clay onto breadboards and a clay board. This one is great as the texture stops the clay sticking to the board.

Just don’t throw the clay onto the floor as it makes a mess and picks up all the fluff!

Then it was time to shape, sculpt, squish, scrunch up and start again, roll, carve and decorate.

plant prints with slip

We used leaves and lavender pressed into the clay to decorate it.

(I forgot to take a photo of this before I glazed it but you can probably see better this way).

We tried to keep our pieces with an even thickness and without too many joins as these areas are weak.

We left our pieces to dry for about a week then bundled them off to Pottery Supplies for their bisque firing!

I think unfired clay is called green clay and I think bisque firing means the first firing when the clay is unglazed……..I’ll check when we pick up and drop off the next load!

So then we got a call to collect our pieces which had been fired. They all survived hooray!

Then we glazed them with lime green and lavender…we are building up our stock of glazes. We did a couple of layers of each letting it dry before the next layer.


Then we topped this with 2 layers of clear glaze. This made them go white which was a bit disappointing.


…but look at the change when we picked them up after the final firing from Pottery Supplies!

WeeBeastieBoy was amazed at the difference and I think the whole process validated his effort and creativity.


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