Clay Play : Raiding the kitchen


This week we raided the kitchen to see what we could use with our clay play…..lots! A rolling pin, knife and the garlic press to name a few. Also lots of plastic and wooden shapes with patterns from our last forage at Reverse Garbage.



Here is some beautiful, focused sculpturing taking place!


I glued some buttons onto corks to make it easy to press them into the clay with the next batch. You can really see this on the butterfly.

Button cork stampsClay owls

Here they are dried and back from firing. Ready to be glazed. We already had some lavender and some lime glaze so we bought some cocoa glaze to do the owls.

Can’t wait to see what they look like when they have been fired!

clay owls (2)

Here they are just back from the kiln. Something spooky about these owls. If I save them the right way up or upside down they keep showing up upside down…maybe they want to be bats!



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