Montessori Inspired Leaves – shapes and language


WeeBeastieBoy comes home with things he has collected even from a trip to the letterbox and back. He is driven to touch and feel things but I think lots of children love to collect the beautiful things they see in nature. We have a nature table in the corner of our living room which is constantly being added to and taken from to make things.

IMAG6169leaves  Leaves2

We did some sketching and watercolours of the leaves we gathered. Then cut them out and made a collage. We did think of making a mobile and watching them swoosh in the breeze but decided that since it was autumn a collage would look like fallen leaves.


Here are some of the leaf shapes for identification and learning the scientific language.


I kept some of the leaves we collected for our art activity and laminated them so that we could match them again and again without having to pick new leaves each time.

leaf2leaf3 leaf4


You can also cut the shapes out in cardboard and then trace around them help with pencil grip etc.

I used the Montessori Leaf cabinet to help the children decorate a card for one of the parents who helps us a lot in the garden. We picked a couple of different shapes and a few different greens and the children drew the outlines. The result was beautiful.



2 thoughts on “Montessori Inspired Leaves – shapes and language

  1. Leaves are some of my favourite things…all their shapes and colours and textures! Beauty from nature for free! Here at our place, we keenly observe the leaves on our neighbour’s plane trees, that signal the changes in the seasons. Brilliant green in the summer, crunchy and crackly yellows and browns in the autumn and their absence in winter. We’ve noticed too, that the process has changed in time over the last decade we’ve been watching, and think that the trees know that the seasons are different, that climate change is upon us, in their responses to the extreme heat or the lack of cold Winter. Nature is so beguiling in ways that we only sometimes glimpse.


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