Montessori inspired Snake themed activity

Here are some photos of the lovely big carpet python that had discarded this skin. They are beautiful animals and it’s not unusual to see them in this area although I think we are seeing less and less of them due to development. We had one in our last place that would sunbake in the gutter and filled the whole gutter, especially if he was digesting a possum. They such a good job keeping away mice and rats that they are worth their weight in gold and no danger to people if you leave them alone.

So that’s what I teach children … appreciate their beauty and leave them alone!

You can extend an interest in snakes by making this colouring and cutting exercise. There are plenty of different types of snakes so your child could work their way through a book of different snake patterns. I always have, Wildlife of Greater Brisbane, book to hand. It’s great to learn about the animals living near us.


IMG_6018 IMG_6021




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