Palm Infloresence wrapping


When I collected the inforesence* I thought it would be useful to display the gumnut babies WeeBeastieBoy and I planned to make again for his school fete.

We added it to the corner where we display our treasures. It happened that I was sorting out my bits off wool and a few ended up draped over it in the process. Nothing ever stays where it was when you have a Sensory Seeker in residence!

I have a blog in draft with photos of the various ‘twiddlings’ that happen on a daily basis. Perhaps it’s time to publish it!

So then I caught the twiddling bug.

wrap IMAG6146 IMAG6147IMAG6144


Finished…for now anyway. I’ve used up the wee scraps of wool and tidied my wool down to one pretty basket.


*infloresence is Infloresence

infloresence1 infloresence2

And here it is in situ!


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