Shark and fish puppet activity with free download

sharks puppet

We went to see Carnival of the Animals at the Out of the Box 2014 under 8’s Children’s Festival at QPAC. Fabulous as always.

I was especially interested as I had picked up Leunig’s Carnival of the Animals CD and book at a second hand book shop earlier that year.

Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saens

Narrated by Peter Carrett

Australian Chamber Orchestra

We love The Cat. In particular “I think I’ll miss the sweets “, he said, “And have a little snooze instead.” which is often quoted by us at random moments.

Anyway back to the Out of the Box interpretation which was aimed at the under 8’s and had all of their usual captivating acrobatics, music, comedy and even movement breaks where the children could stand up and bat at the inflatable sharks as they were let loose in the ocean that was the audience.

So there were a few references to sharks and shoals of fish and this really struck a chord of fascination with us so I made the following puppets activity

sharks template

for the children to colour

sharks coloured in


sharks cut out

and stick onto craft sticks

sharks on sticks

Then they held mini puppet shows against a painted sea scene.

sharks puppetshark puppets run away

Out Of the Box

When the children were colouring in the sharks I had some books out with photos of sharks so they knew what colours they could use. We had some beautiful spotted brown Leopard sharks and Wobbegongs and some steely Grey Nurse sharks and black tip Reef sharks..

The same with fish but we worked out that there were fish of EVERY colour!

I chose to display;

Shark Showdown by Steve Parish (not sure about story but the pictures are great!)


Sharks for Kids by Patricia Corrigan

Shark and fish puppets JPG Shark and fish puppets PDF


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