Hello, is there anybody out there?

sea creature original

This was a drawing done by WeeBeastieBoy just before Christmas. We had been to Stradbroke Island a lot and had been doing lots of activities with shells and things we found on the beach so I thought that was the inspiration. I’m glad I had my “tell me about your picture” pants on rather than my “I love your picture of shells and seaweed” pants on as it turned out to have nothing to do with that!

Apparently it’s a message to aliens! I didn’t know that he had any thought on such matters! So far no reply but we have made lots of beautiful two colour screen prints onto cushions, bags for all the family (on this planet) and t-shirts for both of us.

.sea creature stencilsea creature pillows  sea creature tshirt

Hang on….is that a message coming through?


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