Montessori gluing or pasting activity for hours of fun


Love the look of this simple yet inviting pasting activity for Kindergarten children.

Some children may be happy to stick on a few carefully placed pieces and others chose to layer up their pasting.

Different shapes inspire children in different ways.

This is a great way to use up off cuts from other activities. If you have covered a table with paper for a painting and glittering activity you can cut this up to use. Maybe cut the big piece into smaller sizes for the child to manage and then they can cut them into shapes for the activity.


The paper left over from hole punching activities always looks effective with different coloured paper.

Just put out a few choices though. I think sometimes a whole collage trolley can be overwhelming!

Encourage your child to focus on the technique of putting the glue onto the pieces to be stuck on, rather than slathering the backing paper with glue and plonking things onto that.

Lucy x

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