Yoga for Kindergarten children


I made these yoga cards while completing a Special Needs Professional Development course with the Centre for Guided Montessori Studies.Montessori Centre for Guided Studies

I got the yoga mats from Big W for about $5 each.

I took the photos of animals from the internet and the photos of the children doing the yoga poses I photocopied from the fabulous book Yoga for Kids by Bel Gibbs


yoga7  yoga2 yoga3 yoga4 yoga5 yoga6

When we have packed up after our morning work time and we are nearly ready to transition to group time the children love to do yoga as a group. A few will start with me and then more and more as they pack up their activities. It is a lovely way to facilitate that transition and engage those muscles ready for sitting on the mat in a group.

I also have it available as an individual activity if a child needs some help to be still or to focus.

Holding up the wall

Holding up the wall also works really well for the same children. They put their hands on the hand shapes and then push their bodies back until their arms are extended and the weight of their bodies are on their arms. They can extend this by shifting the remaining weight from one foot to the other and bending and straightening their knees. Very invigorating for teachers too!

Just doing a little addition to this post as I think this idea came from the most excellent book The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun; Activities for Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder by Carol Stock Kranowitz. She has a little song to go with it to the tune of “If you’re Happy and You Know It”

Push your hands on the wall, on the wall

Push your hands on the wall, on the wall

Push your hands on the wall, and do not let it fall

Push your hands on the wall, on the wall

I’m going to gather the ‘running around crowd’ at the end of outside time and do this to see if that calms them for transitioning inside. (I may have to get changed as I have a skirt on!)

She lists the benefits of the activity

  • Deep joint pressure nourishes the proprioceptive system and has a calming effect
  • Pressing different parts of the body strengthens body awareness
  • The preposterous premise of this activity gives kids the giggles, diffuses tension, and helps them feel in sync with their friends

I love this book and her previous one, The Out-of-Sync Child…lots of light bulb moments!


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