How we made a Papier Mache Viking Helmet


My WeeBeastieBoy has a bit of a fascination with weapons so harnessing my best Montessori guidance skills I am trying to soften the blow and broaden the learning.

Part of any sensible Vikings kit has to be a helmet, right?

So we read lots of books and looked at lots of pictures to come up with our design. Apparently the horns on the side of the helmet was not a Viking style. Because WeeBeastieBoy is half Scottish it was very interesting to read about how they raided and invaded and actually settled in Scotland.

Mostly we looked at factual information but I couldn’t help bring our my copy of Vic the Viking from when I was a little girl. The Illustrations are soooo beautiful. I have Vic goes to war by Eric the Red and Illustrated by John Endean.

You can see the pictures at The Empty Shelf

To make a Viking helmet you will need;

a balloon


gold paper

clear glue

glue brush


gold cardboard

viking helmet materialsviking helmet papier mache

Blow up the balloon and sit it on a bowl to keep it still.

Tear up newspaper into strips. Glue the strips covering the balloon from the top until it starts to get too narrow to fit on your head.

Now glue on another layer of newspaper strips going across the first layer.

Let this dry.

You may want to repeat this process with another two double layers to make the helmet strong enough.

viking helmet profile  viking helmet from underneath

Then cut out an arch to make the ridge on the helmet and the eye and nose protectors.

Now cover this with strips of gold paper or you could paint it with gold paint.

Then pop the balloon if it hasn’t already shrivelled up.

We gave it another lick of glue inside and out to strengthen it then it was done!

Can we make a battle axe now Mum?

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