How I set up a Colour Mixing challenge activity with free templates


A bit of a change for our water colour activity today. I set it up on the big table at outside time with places for three children to work at once. It was a progressive activity so that involved a few Executive Function skills such as self control (waiting), planning and problem solving.


So each work station had the same set up except the two primary colours were different.


The challenge was to discover what happened when you mixed the colours and then to make as many different shades of purple,


green or


orange as they could.


I put the inspiration bowls at each work station so they could see the possibilities!

These bowls were then added too as the children discovered more shades throughout the afternoon.

Here are some extension colour mixing templates.

Colour mixing 1 JPG

Colour mixing 2 JPG Colour mixing 2 PDF Colour mixing 3 JPG Colour Mixing 3 PDF Colour mixing PDF

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