Papier Mache Matryoshka Dolls


I was influenced by the Matryoshka Dolls also known as Babushka Dolls or Russia Nesting Dolls but wanted to use some of my collection of Japanese Origami papers.

I was doing this as a test to see if this would be an activity I could do with the children so they could each make their own set. I decided not to in the end as the sizing would have been too tricky for the age group e.g. I would have ended up doing it for them.

I started with the largest doll by blowing up a  balloon and covering it with several layers of newspaper. When I had the right size and shape I finished it with a couple of layers of torn origami paper and added a circle for the face.

Then I used a scalpel to cut the doll open and remove the balloon.

I ended up just making three in my set as I realised it wasn’t going to be suitable for the children but I could have gone smaller with water bomb balloons!




These are some I picked up from a market in Moscow. We caught a local bus and ended up at a market which had sprouted in the bend of a small river, a creek by our standards. It was summer and there was a pebbly sort of beach where children were playing. Just another one of the surprises we stumbled upon. Just like getting lost in the city and coming across this huge parking lot filled with falling apart MIG aircraft! Having dinner in a restaurant where we were the only customers and the waiters synchronised everything so that the lids covering our meals were removed theatrically revealing nothing much!


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