Golden Cane palm frond bowl

After an inspiring visit to Northy Street City Farm for a basket workshop I was dreaming baskets, lying away at night wishing I could get up and make baskets!

small palm frond

Obligingly my many golden canes dropped their palm fronds and


WeeBeastieBoy happily bathed with said palm fronds…I know I could have added them after his bath was finished but…well…we didn’t and we all lived to tell the tale!


I didn’t want to do so much structural work on this bowl as the plant had done most of the work form me. The patterning is beautiful when you look up close.

A few well placed snips and just a bit of gentle persuasion I thought…


10 minutes later, slipping and sliding about the place, I enlisted WeeBeastieBoy and his recently acquired knot tying skills!


Then I left it to dry a little bit…..but not to much as I didn’t want it to crack when I stictched it.


Do I dare remove the string? Yes!


It ‘relaxed’ into more of a platter shape rather than the bowl I had imagined……..

Next time longer and wetter when I tie it up I think.


Some stitches with some purple crochet cotton we scored in Green Granny’s craft box haul


lovely old crochet cotton to keep the natural fibre feel…decided not to use the baby blue as it was too contrasting

I found a thimble to keep in my basket making kit…wish I’d had it for the Northy St workshop!

Like I said “baskets for storing the things we need to make baskets”!


Added a bit of blanket stitch to finish off the ends.


You can get a better idea of the shape when it’s upside down.

The bowl has ended up on our nature table with an ever changing display of interesting things.

I think I’ll make some for kindy as the children are always bringing things in for the ‘interesting table’ which get scattered about the place. We have a massive palm tree that often ‘gifts’ us it’s palm frond…usually in the middle of lunch when it hits the roof with a crash and the adults all leap up and run in different directions with their instinctive ‘protect’ mode kicking in! The children think it’s hilarious!



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