Tasty finger food for a boy who can’t sit still


It’s not rocket science. Hardly need a recipe but I had forgotten about these and they work so well for a picnic or just a WeeBeastieBoy who finds it really hard to sit still!

My Mum used to make them for me when I was a little girl…stuffed full of everything she could find!

1. Bake some potatoes.

2. Slice of the top.

3. Scoop out the soft middle into a bowl, leaving a layer of potato around the edge to make the shell.

4. In another bowl mix some of the scooped out potato with grated cheese and beaten egg. (You will have potato left over for bubble and squeak etc. The more things you add the more you will have that wont fit back in!)

You can add onion, parsley, ham, bacon, tuna, grated zucchini etc

5. Stuff some mixture back into the potato shell and return to the oven just long enough for the egg to cook and the cheese to melt.



These were snacks so I used smaller potatoes which were about 4 bites for WeeBeastieBoy. Use can use bigger potatoes for dinner with a yummy salad etc.


See the layer of potato around the edge with the yummy cheesy, eggy smash inside. Hungry now. On goes the oven!

Lucy x

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