How to make crazy and colourful Bead Bugz

HTC April 2015 002

WeeBeastieBoy saw similar bead bugs in a gift shop recently and wanted to try and make some himself. (He was actually counting out his $8 to buy one and realised how many jobs he had done to earn that much and he decided to try and make them instead!)

Green Granny had just delivered us a box of mixed craft supplies she had bought at a garage sale and we remembered there was some fine wire in the box. We had lots of beads and buttons at home so we were ready to go!

HTC April 2015 027

Select your beads and wire. Have a look at your beads and think about what sort of beastie you would like to make. We started with ants…which pretty soon became wizard ants!

HTC April 2015 004

We experimented with pipe cleaners (or chenille sticks as they are now called) but decided they were better for decorative additions, although if you were going to try a spider they might work well!

HTC April 2015 033 HTC April 2015 024 HTC April 2015 025 HTC April 2015 026

Cut the wire with suitable scissors (NOT Mum’s best!) to the length for the body and then shorter for the legs.

Slide the beads onto the wire, add legs…..

We just folded the leg wire in half around the body wire and twisted the leg wire until it was secure.

HTC April 2015 005

We soon learnt that you had to ballance your ant or it just wouldn’t look right……or stand up if the tail was too long and heavy!

HTC April 2015 003

Bells were added for the death rattle ant……..

bugs bugz

and hats of course for the Wizard ants!

Now we have run out of bigger beads we might have to make some clay ones!

Lucy x

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