Screen printed Montessori Infants’ Placemat


I recently rediscovered the stencil I used to create screen printed placemats for the 0-3 Infants’ House play group. I couldn’t resist sharing it with you as it brought back so many sweet memories.

We used to gradually gather around the table and have morning tea.

The older children loved to set the table using the placemats.They could also roll them up to put them in napkin rings.

We had a water dispenser so they could serve themselves some water in the tiny glasses. It was great to see them learn to stop and check if the glass was nearly full. They were very careful so we had surprisingly few breakages.

After morning tea they would wash, dry and put everything away again.

Some days we would brew weak fruit teas in the kitchen and the children could serve themselves (nearly cold) tea in tiny cups with saucers from the child sized tea pot.

Such fun!

Lucy x

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