How we made our eco egg carton tomato seedling planter

WeeBeastieBoy received a packet of Northy Street City Farm tomato seeds as a gift a while ago and today is the day they are being planted!

They are Cherry Yellow Honeybee tomatoes, apparently disease resistant!

It’s so hot and dry at the moment we decided to plant them in egg cartons so we can nurture them inside and then plant the whole egg section and not disturb them. (We can never do the cruel thinning process anyway, every single baby gets planted and nurtured!)

HTC April 2015 305

So we headed to the front veggie garden box where they will end up, to get some soil.

HTC April 2015 303 HTC April 2015 304  HTC April 2015 306

Then we carefully scattered the precious seeds into the soil filled egg carton and lightly covered the seeds.


We kept them on the bathroom window sill because it gets lots of light, we are in there frequently and there is a water source there. We used a small medicine measuring cup so we wouldn’t over water them.


They like it there….


They really do…..


I think they are ready to go outside to the veggie patch now.


It’s raining which is perfect as we can just break up the egg carton, pop it in a hole in the soil in the veggie box, cover it up and the rain will water them and dissolve the egg carton which becomes eco mulch etc for the new plants!


We are looking forward to posting photos of Yellow Honeybee tomatoes….if the possums don’t get them first.

Lucy x

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