How to make a papier mache shield fit for Vik the Viking

WeeBeastieBoy has his Viking Helmet but he needs a shield to survive apparently!

We tore up egg cartons into tiny pieces, soaked them in a bucket with warm water overnight.

‘Souped’ the mix with a stick blender the next morning and hey presto! Papier Mache pulp!


We used our hands to squeeze out the excess water (and also a sieve).


Found a template for the size and shape we wanted to make which let the water drain away. This was a baking cooling rack but you can use chicken wire, mesh or even tulle, the material they make tutu’s from!


We kept some of the shapes from the egg cartons to add details….then we ran out of pulp and had to make some up and soak it overnight again.

HTC April 2015 256

We forgot about it for a day or two so the pulp had dried by the time we remembered it.

HTC April 2015 257

It’s not a problem to add wet to dry so we could fill in some gaps and build up thin bits while we were at it.


Here it is dried and ready to go. You could paint it or cover it in tin foil to make it look metallic.

Minor detail…… prepared not to get your mesh support back….so don’t use your favourite baking rack like I did!

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