Japanese Children’s (Boy’s) Day kites


We celebrated Japanese Children’s Day this week and made simple paper bag kites.

To set the scene I bought this great cultural exchange booklet from Jojoebi Designs All about Japan for $5 and there are 26 pages of pictures, maps, recipes, activities and real life experiences to share with the children.

I put the pages into sheet protectors in a folder so we could look through it when we wanted to.

The map came straight out of the booklet as it goes so well with the puzzle of Japan.








Here is how we made our kite…………….


Draw your design on the kite on both sides of the paper bag.

Punch two holes in the closed end as it is reinforced.

rw sunny face

Thread string through but don’t make it too long or the kites get tangled.

right way up

Use sticky tape to attach streamers, again not too long or the child will end up standing on them and ripping them off.


hanging carp kite2

For a more traditional look decorate the bag like a carp with big fish eyes and scales. Then fold the paper bag in half and sticky tape the edges together.

Happy days 🙂

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