How to make a simple button patterning activity that will keep children busy

Last weekend I attended a day workshop organised by the marvellous Queensland Early Childhood Sustainability Network QECSN.

There were some inspirational presenters and my head was buzzing with ideas for the rest of the weekend.

I immediately went home and started preparing this button activity after seeing something similar done by Dale of Puzzles Family Day Care Facebook.

She had a tray with a black mat from K-Mart (I bought 3 on Sunday at $2.00 each! I’ve shown them further down this page.) with lots of different sized buttons for the child to place in the holes in the mat. The black and white is very striking. Have a look at her Facebook page for that and lots more ideas.

On Saturday afternoon I didn’t have the mat she had used, so I found my box of buttons which have been cut off clothing


Then I went about my house looking for things with holes in and found a roll of yellow (I’ve got a red one too) plastic with holes in from Reverse Garbage

IMG_0278[1] IMG_0280[1]

Of course part of preparing an activity is having a go yourself to see if it works!

IMG_0289[1] IMG_0290[1]

Then I waited for WeeBeastieBoy to discover it. This is excellent for developing fine motor skills.

buttons mch1

I couldn’t believe how many different small red buttons I had!

rw buttons

This is the Kmart mat in blue and there is also red and black.

rw buttons1 rw buttons2

I like the green, yellow and cream and even some gold with this colour.

Lucy x


5 thoughts on “How to make a simple button patterning activity that will keep children busy

  1. It’s a never ending search for all the great things we can use to inspire isn’t it! I get such a kick when I’ve made an activity from bits and pieces and the children go back to it time after time!


  2. This is a really simple yet beautiful activity…off to KMART to find me some matting and sit down with my own bottle of buttons. You are so clever and such an inspiration!


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