one + four = life : my table, Northy St City Farm, a rescue and soothing playdough

one week + four photos = life

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Some of the things that have crossed my table this week (I don’t mean one at at time….this was all at once, one morning before work!)

ping pong

lino printing

writing children’s books

blogging, writing to my Granny and eating crumpets


An early rising, wriggling WeeBeastieBoy took us to Northy St City Farm where we had unexpected, delightful encounters with old friends and ate scrummy organic food and soaked up the boho atmosphere.


As we were leaving North St we received a MAYDAY call from Super Sporty Dad. A broken spoke had left him with a wonky wheel so we set off to rescue him.

It was a day of bikes as I got back in the saddle in the afternoon and went round Mt Coot-tha……up the steep side!


Before that I made some play dough inspired by the colours of the market. I used beetroot juice, carrot juice and rocket juice to colour it.

While it was still warm we cradled one each, the colours so beautiful and the warmth and texture so comforting. I can’t wait to tell the children what I used to make the colours. I have a feeling this is only the beginning of this exploration!

one + four = life

Have a look at the linkup at Meetmeatmikes/


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