Printing activity on Worms and Compost


Following the Q.E.C.S.N  weekend workshop I was all excited about compost and worm farms so lots of ideas began to grow!

Children can easily collected their morning tea fruit scraps for the compost bin. This way they learn about feeding worms e.g. no orange peel please!

You can extend this interest and knowledge in many ways, not least through art and by combining it with other areas of study such as leaves.

Glue string and rope onto cardboard to make worm shapes.


I did another one with a fatter piece of string that was wiggly which you can see in the top print on brown paper. and in the top right corner of the photo below.


You can include colour mixing, blue and yellow make green… do we make brown?


WeeBeastieBoy and I experimented on white and brown paper and ended up with two quite different looks.



We looked at the shapes of the leaves and of course the parts of the leaves, blade, stem, veins, petiole etc.

Great printable material available from the Montessori Print Shop



Look at my earlier blog on leaf appreciation for more ideas Leaves shapes and language.

Have fun!

Lucy x


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