A simple reptile activity for hours of fun and learning


A simple activity to set up but the options are endless!

The reptile collection lies in a basket with some paperbark. Encourage your child to find bark, leaves and small stones to add to the basket.

Choose a small mat to define the activity area.


This mat has large flowers on it but it looks like leaf litter so it’s the perfect environment for reptiles.


Gently guide their play back to reptiles finding food and water and a place to live and reproduce, if the play gets too boisterous!

You can offer extension activities at the same time such as 3 part cards, matching cards, parts of books, puzzles, information books, colouring in and drawing.

Ask questions to encourage discussion about the reptiles characteristics, habitats, where they are found in our world, what they eat. From this the children become interested in making maps and looking at the insects and food chains, vertebrates and invertebrates. They learn how reptiles are represented in art and in different cultures.

There is so much potential for spontaneous interactive dialog rather than directional dialog………the key to widening the child’s vocabulary and clarifying their speech.


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