Lets go outside, look around, draw, paint and create

Lets go outside to create! It’s easier than you think to set up a table and chair outside (or a bean bag, a picnic rug or even a log to perch on!).

If you don’t have a table just grab a clipboard like one of these from Officeworks. I like the masonite ones in A4 or A5. I keep a couple filled with paper and a pencil and have them handy for the children to pick up when we go to the garden for outside time.

WeeBeastie loves this. We were drawing this morning and he said “sometimes I think it makes your drawing better if you make noises while you do it.”

I nearly fell over! Normally I would have just smiled and nodded at that comment but I’d read about that very thing the night before.

My new creative hero is Ursula Kolbe. She has written Rapunzel’s Supermarket: All about Young Children and Their Art which gave me some real insight into the creations happening at kindy. Her second book (which I’m reading at the moment) It’s not a bird yet: The Drama of Drawing, talks about some children’s need to move and make sounds and that this is actually what they are drawing. They aren’t drawing the thing but the sound, feel, emotion even the story of the thing. The drawing may change as it progresses, as the story develops.

….and the very next day I saw and heard it from WeeBeastie! I realise I’ve seen (and heard it) heaps of times before especially during this Drawling Battle game that he loves. I like it too…well for a while anyway!


Ursula is presenting on the 26th August 2015 at the Victoria Golf Complex……..you should come. I’ll be the one in the front row inhaling her words!

So get outside, give your children space to move, make noise and be inspired.

While you are there you can introduce them to observational drawing as I did with this simple water colour activity.

The wattle is blossoming so I set the table up under the wattle tree.

I put out;

a good quality triangular pencil to draw with (write their name or add any fine detail)

good quality paper (it doesn’t have to be expensive, I buy a sketch pad of non shiny paper)

Yellow and green water colour blocks at either end of a palate

a brush for yellow and a brush for green (great if the handles are the same colour)

a small jar for water (which they fill and refill themselves)

a cloth for any spills

and a little person ready to create


Hope you manage to get outside and create. If it’s too cold and wet where you are you could always look out the window?

These are some notes I took down from Ursula’s book on observational drawing

Drawing something while looking at it delights experienced drawers.

Children look closely at things and are encouraged to make more detailed drawings than when they are drawing from memory.

Looking so closely at something that interests them leads to discoveries e.g. the way leaves hang from branches

It builds focus and concentration while still allowing for creativity and self expression.

It involves interaction between seeing and reasoning, feeling and memory.

We become aware that everyone ‘sees’ things differently and is interested in different aspects.

How good is that! I want to go outside and draw……..only it’s dark. Tomorrow then!


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