Montessori inspired fine motor Pipette activity

It all started with a chocolate box…doesn’t it always!

WeeBeastieBoy brought the box back from his sleepover at Granny Jane’s…empty 😦


I thought it would be great as an activity to transfer coloured water with a pipette. I have set this activity up with a piece of old non slip bathmat with the suckers up but it is very fine work for younger children. They might be better starting with the chocolate box!

There is a lot going on with the squeezing out and the sucking up of the coloured water let alone measuring how much to squeeze out into the small sucker cups.

….or how about this? It’s the base from a game that usually has marbles or small balls in the dips. Easy to wash up!

Since we had the clay out, how about this!


I just cut out a shape with a cookie cutter and then used the end of a paintbrush to make the dips/holes. You could air dry it to last for a short time or fire and glaze it to last forever!

I love to use pretty things that might otherwise have gone in the bin. I bet you do too? What have you rescued recently?

Lucy clay


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