Clay Play : Coils and creatures

I showed you the beautiful things I collected on my walk Experimenting with natural found items/ and I want you to see the amazing things the children can do with the natural things.

Here is what happened when I left this on the table for WeeBeastieBoy to find……

Now don’t be mislead. This fellow is not a porcupine but a saladupine………..


He collects water and honey in the little pots on his back………..


He was trying to fly but really his feathers are only for decoration………

Story telling is all part of the process!


We used this great book for our research. Amazing Facts about Australian Mammals by Steve Parish Publishing.


While we were distracted this sneaky fellow came along…


These little gum nuts (which are crunching under our feet everytime we go out the front door) just kept us inspired and creating for ages.


Look at the lovely patterns they make.

 WeeBeastieBoy was so excited by how well his work turned out we had to have a pillow fight to calm down!
 Hope your creativity is getting you excited…..may you only have to reach for a glass of water to calm down rather than a big fat pillow!
 Lucy clay

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