Montessori Inspired fine motor and eye-hand coordination activity


The activity is easy to put together and doesn’t cost much. I bought the shaker from Wheel and Barrow Cheese Shaker for $3.50 (I’ve also seen similar in second hand shops) and then skewers you can get from supermarkets or deli’s. I snipped the points off the skewers (and gave them a one over with sandpaper but that wasn’t really necessary).

Put out the same number of skewers as there are holes in your shaker so the activity self corrects e.g. the child can tell when the activity is complete. The skewers go in a dish on the left and the shaker on the right.

You could extend it by adding a colour coding system. Skewers with a ring of colour around them and the same colour around the hole it’s to go into. Look out for other things with holes in.

This Pin Cushion Activity would be a suitable extension for older children who understand (or are ready to learn about) about keeping sharp things pointing away from them. There is nothing better than an activity that you look at and know instantly what to do! Have fun!

lucy hammer

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