STEM our top 10 Science experiments


Get ready for National Science week 2015 15-23 August 2015.

WeeBeastie has a great science teacher who regularly explodes things with the children! When he tells me about the experiment they have done I ask the Why? and How? but that hasn’t always made as much of an impression as the explosion. So we do the experiment again at home and work things out.

I think understanding how things work is so important and has never been more so. We are surrounded by things that seem to work by ‘magic’. 

I have a friend who gives her children broken technology to take apart. We took a dead laptop on our last visit. The scavenging was exceptional! Obvious things aside (like the funky f8 key), there was a piece of plastic that was something to do with the screen and all shimmery and special that I kept. Don’t know what I’m going to do with it…but I had to have it!

So in the last week before school holidays they did this experiment at school

1. Mentos in coke

guyser tubeIMG_2061

We borrowed a geyser tube from the science teacher and have now bought our own! Geyser Tube

As the boys had just done the experiment at school I left them to run it. It was a fizzer! We talked it through and worked out what they had done differently in class. It really came down to preparation and using the tube correctly. Because we had our special visitor with us I was able to offer to go to the shop for more ingredients if WeeBeastie would pay for them. 

This time it was spectacular! I think they learnt a lot from the whole experience. Hope so anyway!

Then I thought of another explosions so we went home and did this;

2. Erupting volcano

We have a plaster of Paris volcano with a plastic tube in it which you can use many times. We also did it once with a drink bottle decorated to look like a dinosaur and it belched a green explosion which was a bit of fun!


WeeBeastie then remembered this one from school science class so Dad had to buy a can of coke.

3. Crush a can

Again we tried to do this from memory but only got it right when we watched this on youtube.

Steve Spangler Science


On holiday I picked up a copy of Kids On The Coast Sparking your child’s interest in science. They were provided the experiments by Street Science .

4. M and M’s experiment

Not that exciting, more interesting….BUT you get to eat the left over chocolate! What it made me think about is all the M’s floating through our system if they are non soluble!!!!!!

p.s. it also works on Minion tic-tac’s!

5.Thunderstraw experiment

Lots of laughter from the funny noises!

6.Balloon Rocket


We have been doing this one since WeeBeastie was a wee one! It never fails to delight and you can try all the different shape balloons to see which works best.

7. Walk through paper and Mobus strip

Walking through paper will be my new party trick!

8.Celery experiment

You need some patience for this one as it takes a while to show results but when they do it’s beautiful. Make sure you use new celery with pale leaves not the tough dark green leaves as it’s not so effective.


I thought I’d try it with this watercress that I got from Red Hill Farmers Markets which was sprouting so I stuck in a glass with some water. Should work but the celery is spectacular. You can also split the celery stem 3/4 the way up and put it in two different colours to experiment with colour mixing. Try blue and red to get purple.

9. Density of liquids

You can do some great extensions into colour mixing with this

10. Freeze a tennis ball

We had to try this! After all tennis comes second only to eating in our house!

Pintrest Science for young children

Have fun! I bet you learn something too!

 Lucy science

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