Montessori Inspired Swim, Walk or Fly Language activity to calm or engage children

s w f 1

I downloaded this great activity from Montessori Print Shop.

It’s a lovely calming one on one activity that you can use to really build a connection with the child.


S W F 2

First the child takes out the three category cards and places them across the top of the mat.

These cards have the word ‘swim’ and a picture of water, ‘walk/climb’ and a picture of the ground or ‘fly’ and a picture of the sky.

s w f 3

Then the child picks one of the animal picture cards. They look at the animal pictured and decide if that animal swims, walks or flies. Then they place the card under the correct heading. When they are finished they know if they are correct as each category will have the same number of cards.

Once the child is familiar with the activity you can extend it to talk about the animals and their habitats.

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lucy siscors

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