Things We Like: Leonardo and the Flying Boy by Laurence Anholt


This is one of a series Laurence Anholt has written about great artists

His other books include;

Camile and the Sunflowers

Degas and The Little Dancer

The Magical Garden of Claude Monet

Picasso and The Girl with a Ponytail

In this book about Leonardo da Vinci, .I love that he captures the children’s attention buy writing a story. Within the adventure he shares the essence of the artist. For Leonardo and the Flying Boy he begins by telling the reader that anything is possible. I love children to hear that! This inspiring message is continued throughout the book. The author emphasises Leonardo’s passion to understand everything and to do this by asking lots of questions.


I like how he blends the story with the facts and that we learn what this great man was really like. That you can have compassion and kindness and still be someone who is celebrated/ successful even hundreds of years later.

he tells us that day after day Leonardo dreamed up inventions of every kind.
One day Leonardo buys all the caged birds in the market ‘A bird should be free’ and has another idea.

WeeBeastie says this is his favourite page when he sets the birds free.

Anholt builds the excitement with a ‘wild and noisy creature’, a ‘mysterious workshop’ and a ‘reckless near death leap’.

Our hero, Zoro, sobbed with fear but for a few seconds….he flew like a bird.
Even when all seemed lost our hero reminded Leonardo that dreams are important.

I have ordered the others from the library and cant wait to read them with WeeBeastieBoy. Just the stuff he loves.

time for me Lucy (2)

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