Ideas for Cardboard box fun

A cardboard box is the original free toy.

A cardboard box has a million possibilities.

A cardboard box is the ultimate reduce, reuse, recycle!

We love boxes big and small!

Our local art shop Eckersleys will always give us a paper bag full of the small boxes pencils come in, when we visit. These are great for children to add to big boxes or just to make things out of. WeeBeastie went through a phase of making his own mobile phones inspired by these small boxes!

IMG_2451box robot

..and a robot on wheels from Bunnings!

Another great source of boxes in all shapes and sizes is our local Bunnings. Especially if you want a big furniture box!

This cubby has become a fixture in our house. I have managed to gradually move it out of the living room thankfully and now it is a reading nook. The perfect size for WeeBeastie to lean his back on one wall and press his feet into the other. He gets his physical sensory feedback while blocking out sensory stimulation! Perfect! 

IMG_0777 IMG_0778

He had a friend over recently who was invited into the box. He didn’t treat the box with the necessary respect however and was told, in no uncertain terms, to leave the box and never return! They went into the garden to play instead.


You could read the book My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes.

There are lots of other props such as bit of material, paper plates and old keyboards that will inspire different kinds of play.

You can put out a few regular sized boxes, perfect for one, if you have a small group of children. Some like the lid put over so they can jump up and say ‘surprise!’. Others don’t!

Try the game Who’s missing

All the children close their eyes.

Touch one child on the head who then gets into the box . Close the lid. (Sometimes partially so the child in the box can see me but the children on the mat can’t see them.)

The children on the mat have to work out who is in the box.

If they get it right, the child may choose to jump up out of the box!

Lots of fun and a chance to introduce/revise words like in and out, over and under, behind and in front etc.

Need some school holiday ideas? The Craft Nest Cardboard Cubby have workshops to make these adorable cardboard houses. I want one!

Cardboard Cubby

Here are some Pintrest Cardboard Box Fun things other people are doing with boxes…………

The possibilities are endless!

Lucy x

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