Montessori Practical Life egg shell crushing

Our worm farm is up and running. Aren’t children enthusiastic composters!

All you need is some eggs shells and a pestle and mortar to extend their interest and help them to develop their fine motor skills…and their gross motor when they really get going!

Children can crush the eggs and put them straight into the compost or the worm farm and make an instant connection.

IMG_2151 IMG_2152  IMG_2154


WeeBeastie enjoys a boiled egg or two for breakfast. He peels the egg and puts it into a cup and chops it up. He likes it with a drop of salad cream, I like a dab of butter. Scoop it up with a spoon and it’s a great way to eat an egg if you are moving about in your chair all the time like him!


When it is all gobbled up there is still the eggshell to crush.

eggshell crushng


Lucy cooking


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