Montessori Inspired Continent Boxes

Using these fab photos from Montessori Print Shop  I have set up 7 continent boxes.

This involved lots of laminating (thank you WeeBeastie) and cutting but it’s worth it as they a well used resource.


I found the boxes in Office Works in the continent colours but you could use shoe boxes and paint them.

Here is a picture of some of our continent boxes in the Culture area. *Note to self: redo the labels. Eeek!


On the shelves above I have Continent maps and books to colour in. Usually something to do with animals from different continents. Also books for the children to look at, for example an Oxfam book about children around the world and their bicycles.

Here is a great link to explain the steps leading up to Continents work and includes the Continents song. Althought she sings them in a slightly different order which I find a little awkward. We sing; North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, don’t forget Oceania, don’t forget Antarctica….

Continents Song

The child  takes down the blue mat and then chooses a Continent box. (I am making a new blue mat these holidays)


They open the box and place it to the left side of the mat with the lid under the box.


They select a pack, say of the flags of that continent (I’m hoping to make holders for each set. Just have to source the material in the colours of the continents. I did the Africa packs in green felt I had but it bobbles quickly with so much use!)


The child places the cards on the mat in rows working left to right.

They child can look for the flags that are familiar or that they haven’t seen before or they may be inspired to make some flags as they next activity.

If you google flag templates to colour in you can find them all!


The Montessori Print Shop bundles also include, animals, food, people, musical instruments and landmarks.

IMG_2141 IMG_0609

I have collected postcards, stamps and other souvenirs,



IMG_0679IMG_0680 IMG_0681

IMG_0684    IMG_0683

Of course our Australia box is full of goodies and we are building up a collection of interesting things for our other boxes.

(The coins collections are WeeBeasties but you can buy the books online from Scholastic and collect the coins.)

If anyone would like to participate in swapping culture box content let me know!


Ps Do you say Australia, Australasia or Oceania?

The Montessori Print Shop are pretty savvy. They have printed all three options!



6 thoughts on “Montessori Inspired Continent Boxes

  1. Great! How about we start by collecting stamps to share? We could send postcards too.
    Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like or ideas you have of things to swap.
    I would add this to the boxes at work so maybe the children would like to contribute something!

    I’ll actually be in Scotland for Christmas so that would help with the postage if we can use that as a goal?
    Can’t wait to start collecting!


  2. Hi Lucy, sorry a bit late, sounds great. My three shall work on a pack for you in the coming weeks. Yes stamps and postcards sounds great and mine can research perhaps some popular foods, festivals etc and create a page each. We are only just starting out with continent boxes so would be appreciative of anything to get us started. Xx


  3. Hi Hope you had a great Christmas. Sorry my marvellous plan never made it into fruition! I do have some things collected for you though. Do you want to message me with you address and I can post them to you?


  4. What great resources and I love your objects for your Oceania box! To me Australia is it’s own continent and country and Oceania is the region within which it lies. Thanks for sharing and for linking to the It’s Elementary! link up 🙂


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