How to make a drawstring bag with a woven circle embelishment


So I’ve just made this  Twill Textile Design circle weaving kit. I think I’m going to make the kit it’s very own drawstring bag to travel around with me. I’m going to sew this little beauty to the front so I know what’s in the bag!

I’m following a tutorial by Threading My Way drawstring bag tutorial because I want to line the bag. I’ve changed it slightly at the end.


Securely sewn onto the right side of the fabric.


Cut to shape so the woven circle is in the right place. I ended up sewing the top of the side seams in a bit so that the outside opening was the same as the lining opening.


Cut the lining out to be about 5cm smaller than the outside. Sew it leaving a 8cm gap at the bottom so you can pull it all through later.


Put the inside right side out and into the lining. (this is easier to see on Pam’s tutorial as she has contrasting fabric).


Pin it in place. (Next time I’m going to add the binding in this step).


This is the magic part!


Ta daaah!


Top stitch or hand sew the gap in the lining.

IMG_3372 IMG_3373

Sew on some binding which will hold the drawstring in place…remember to leave an opening!


Feed some ribbon through using a safety pin.

IMG_3375  IMG_3377

Tie a knot in the ribbon and you just have to…….


Fill it with things you love!

lucy rainbow

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