Twill Mini Circle Weaving Kit


It all started with this beautiful gift woven on a Twill Textile Design circle weaving kit


I ordered myself a kit too…I went for the larger one as I thought I could swap with my friend to use the smaller one. WeeBeastie was playing in a tough tennis tournament on the first weekend of the school holidays so I took it along. It’s the perfect thing to keep my hands busy in between matches and during the tense bits!

IMG_2598 IMG_2599 IMG_2600

The instructions are so good I was able to set it up and weave away despite interuptions for food and moving courts.


I’d packed it in this beautiful drawstring bag from Tiny Happy and remembered to add scissors (the only thing not included).

IMG_2672 IMG_2673


Wee Beastie helped me pick the colours. All done. Ready to take it off the loom now.


Just flick the loops over and …..

IMG_2839 IMG_2840

I need to work on finishing off the ends………


I can’t help myself…I’ve started another one! My colour choice this time 🙂

IMG_2856 IMG_2857 IMG_2858 IMG_2859 IMG_2860


Love it! But then I started to get greedy……I want more! I want a bigger one!

I had to make my own circle loom. It’s still a work in progress so I show you…..soon I hope!

ps I’ve just added it to a drawstring bag which I’ll use to keep the Twill circle loom kit in so I can make more and more and more of them!

lucy siscors


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