Please dont keep us waiting!

Please don’t keep us waiting!!!!! It’s too much!

Too much excitement, too much anticipation, too much anxiety!

I should have said “No.” but it seemed like such a nice idea at the time.

My friend wanted us to come to the museum and meet her friend and her little boy. Three mums with three little boys looking at the Queensland Museum Dinosaurs.

Image result for queensland museum dinosaurs images

Perfectly normal outing. Right? Maybe…

Maybe it would have been if they had come on time.

WeeBeastie constantly needs to be on the move so for the first 15 minutes we waited at the designated spot with my fingers crossed that they would be there soon…….but we were heading for this…..

For the next 15 minutes we went outside and climbed on things

The drawn out anticipation was getting overwhelming.

“When will they be here?” WB roared for the hundredth time.

So I turned to my Survival Kit and took out food to keep us (my need was also great) going for the next 15 minutes.

survival kit

This is the point when I should have abandoned ship but just as I was about to do that…..they turned up!

A tightly wired Wee Beastie boy was in no state to meet new people in a public place but on I blundered on ignoring all the signs.

Even going to a friends house it can take him the first 1 ½ to adjust. This usually means that just as we are ready to leave he has just begun the good stuff!

So, anyway he is beside himself by now, and maybe even beside that, beside himself self! He is holding my hand, pulling my arm, nearly clambering up my body trying to deal with all the messages he is receiving.

To make things worse I’m talking to the new people not him…… last desperate clamber and suddenly we are on a heap on the floor in the middle of the museum.

I’d straightened my hair that day. It’s long. I tipped my head forward and had a little cry – just a tiny one, still tangled up with my poor desperate boy.


Finally I listened to my instincts! We straightened ourselves up and said. “Lovely to meet you. Let’s do this another day (never!)!”

We went home, straight home….stopping for nothing……

We got the duvet and some books and cuddled on the sofa.

We played some lego….and cuddled.

We ate some lunch……and cuddled.

We went for a walk and picked up sticks and leaves and feathers……and cuddled.

We did some drawings……and cuddled

Watched some TV……..and cuddled.

Had a bath and cuddled in bed.

Next time we meet at the park!

Lucy x
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4 thoughts on “Please dont keep us waiting!

  1. oh you captured our constant anxiety, people have no idea! Being late, being early, too many people, unexpected situations, and all, I’m exhausted before anyone arrives too. So happy you got lots of cuddles, best part of any day.


  2. Knowing your time limits is SOOOOO important. that’s been one of my biggest insights over the last few years (for me as well, or even more since I am more the “over-responder” in our gang).
    As well as the cuddling 😉
    Thanks and love,


  3. Sometimes it’s so hard to ditch the ‘expectations’ and even what we’d really like to have happen and just respond to our kids and what they need, or even what we ourselves need! But cuddles always help… always 🙂


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