How I used t-shirt yarn on a hoola hoop weaving loom

Saw this brilliant idea on MayaMade Weavers

Then WeeBeastie came home with a hoola hoop!

I had been saving up all my old t-shirts for something……so this was it!

See the link for instructions on cutting up your t-shirts.



Then we were off and running.


I used about half a ball (t-shirt) in the centre and then a whole ball as the circles got larger.


The hoop ended up in quite a few places about the house. Either moving with me as we did lego fantasy games or out of the way when real life took over.

ready to cut off the hoop

I wish I had gone right to the edge now but we were too excited to go any further! Next time.

Snip, snip, knot, knot…

tying hoop off



We need to work and the tension for the last 10 rows. They must have been a bit tight as the mat is trying to curve up like a basket/bowl. Now there is an idea!


Mackerel doesn’t seem to mind!

You can see where my weaving inspiration was sparked on……

Twill Textile Design circle loom

Montessori inspired introduction to weaving

Have you tried making t-shirt yarn? What have you used it to make?

Lucy x


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