Recycled newspaper seedling pots for Montessori Inspired children’s gardening

A friend lent me their Newspaper seedling pot maker.

Here is how I set it up at home. If your child is 3 or 4 year old they may need a bit of help to roll and hold the cylinder part tight and some of them to press it down to seal the bottom otherwise they can do it themselves!

Very satisfying!


You need about 3/4 of a newspaper page. So if you open a double page spread you could get 3 strips from it. I tore it off with a ruler.Fold this in half using a finger to smooth the crease.


Roll it up



Tuck in the ends and then press it into the base to seal it closed.



When you take it out the paper pot will hold its shape.


Put your hand made pot onto the soil so you don’t have to worry about spills


pop in a seed and cover with a little more soil


Water them with a spray bottle at least once a day.


These are some practice ones I did with WeeBeastie. We used sunflower and sweet corn seeds. They took about 4 days to germinate in the kitchen window. Then we kept them in a sunny spot for about a week


Now they are out in the big wide world in the front kitchen garden.

We planted them in the newspaper pots as this protects the roots and the newspaper will breakdown in the garden after a while.


They are accompanied by a pineapple. 2 years ago we cut the top off a pinapple (which made a delicious fruit salad) and we plonked it on top of the soil and waited. And waited….and waited…and now its fruiting! We just have to make sure we get it before the possums do!

Another way we have started seedlings was in an Egg Carton seedling pots

Do you have any special gardening trick to share?

What are you growing in your garden?

Lucy x
Montessori Monday


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