Clay Play : make a Mandala weaving loom from clay

Who would have thought our two latest passions could be combined!


I have added some inspiring clay circle looms to my Get into Clay Play pintrest collection but here is how we did it.


It took me a while to work out if you need and even or an odd number of holes! Even meant I didn’t have to double over the warp each time around. 16 holes worked on this piece which is about the size of a side plate.


Here it is glazed and back from firing!


Start the warp at the top hole and take the thread to the opposite hole at the bottom.


Bring the thread up through the next hole on the right and take it across to the hole to the left of the top home.


Work your way around the circle loom.


This is how it looks at the back.



I went around anti-clockwise.


I chose not to make a tight weaving but liked the look of the open weave….it looks like a mandala…….especially when the pink feather fluttered out of my stash of art supplies!

Do you have an set idea how something will look when it’s finished and stick to it?

Are you like me where things change during the making process?

Lucy x

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