DIY sewing or embroidery table frame for children

It’s curb side collection time in our area at last! Every year the local council collect household rubbish from the curb side from each suburb, 1 week at a time. Some people make a living collecting items or metal and selling them on.

This is our week and I’ve been on the look out for a table I can make into a craft table with a difference for the children. This table isn’t for working ON but IN….the table becomes a supporting frame for the craft!

I went for a bike ride early one morning and there it was, sitting amongst a pile of water damaged furniture and generally broken stuff. I’ve never finished my cycle so fast! I jumped in the car and phew it was still there….


It’s not hard to see why as the top is damaged and it was in amongst a lot of stuff, but it was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to be able to take the top off and still have the cross bars supporting the legs.


A couple of screws undone and wacks with the hammer and hey presto!


A wipe down, bit of varnish, hessian and some pin tacks and this……


becomes this! It’s even on wheels to you can bring it out or tuck it away easily when you need the space. Magic!


We use a Birch size 13 tapestry needle and an assortment of wool, embroidery thread and thin ribbon. For anything thicker pinch the end and wrap a bit of sticky tape around it (so it looks a bit like the end of a shoe lace) and you can weave it it and out. You can also weave in found items like feathers and grass.

The great thing about using the table frame is that both hands can be used as it is self supporting.


Try and cut the thread about the length of the users arm to the middle of their body to get good gross motor extension but avoid frustrating tangles!


You could also add patched of fabric and beads to sew on.


I just love all of these focused hand movements!


I made this table frame for kindy but found WeeBeastie tinkering away so maybe I wont take it in for another week or so.


Lots of lovely fine and gross motor hand movements and coordination skills being developed….not to mention eye-hand coordination!

Excellent free form creative exploration opportunities, calm focused individual work or cooperative social work as a small group.

Here is some more inspiration on my Pintrest board Introducing sewing to children.

Have you been given or found something that you have been able upcycle into a treasured piece of equipment? Feel free to send me the link and I can share it here.

Have the best day of your life!



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