Christmas star activity


This activity allows many skills to be practised and developed, perfect for the children transitioning to school/cycle 2 next year. The children are cutting thin card, cutting out a shape, using a hole punch, threading, tying, writing their names and pegging up the stars! All this while working in a small group and sharing, problem solving, teaching, encouraging and supporting each other! Lovely.


I had to take home the pack of previous years Christmas cards to draw the star outline on them as I couldn’t keep up with demand in the session.


Older children are able to trace around the star templates I have made out of thick cardboard.


Hang your display net where children can reach it and they can peg them on themselves. The net is covered now. Some of the children have begun stringing their stars together. Great problem solving skills!


The display net is the netting from a fruit bag, a paintbrush threaded through and some string!

Have you introduced any Christmas activities yet?

I’d love to hear about them.

Lucy x


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